About the Blog

Organizational thinking. Has a nice ring to it, right? No? Just me? Oh, well. All it really means is a way of thinking using organizational behavior (OB), a subject that scientifically studies how individuals effectively and efficiently work together toward achieving shared goals.

Are you hooked yet? If not, let’s think about how the field is relevant in our day-to-day lives.

Unlike many of the subjects we study and use, OB is everywhere. When we go grocery shopping, the store clerks work with us by providing directions to the right aisle. When we go to the doctor, the nursing staff works with us by giving blood tests or a shot. Heck, even when I sort my laundry, I work with my roommates to make sure we’re still following that laundry schedule we put together. I can give a million other examples, but the point is this: We are always working with other people, even if our goals are simple and straightforward. We too often forget, or simply never realize, OB’s impact.

But the key question is: Why should you care? It sounds interesting, but it also sounds extraordinarily theoretical, right? (If it still doesn’t sound interesting, I promise you, we’ll get there.)

A field like economics can help us figure out how many cans of soup, bottles of whiskey, and pieces of veal we can buy with a given amount of money. OB, on the other hand, tells us something; it doesn’t really do anything. What OB does provide is a new, refreshing perspective on life.

Just as we described our interactions with the store clerks as work, we can describe almost all of our interactions similarly. Our behavior can be thought of in terms of work and assist us in handling all types of situations. We call this work psychology, and using a work psychology outlook will help us perform better at whatever task we’re faced with. And so, I have drawn up the following goals for this blog:

  1. Explore the field of organizational behavior by defining and interpreting various OB terms, concepts, and theories.
  2. Understand and see how OB is everywhere around you.
  3. Apply that work psychology outlook to every aspect of your life, especially your job and daily tasks.

I hope you enjoy reading, and together we can all become a little more efficient!